School Donations August 2019

June 2019 Period Pack & Give Back Event

Volunteer Day with Feed The Streets Denver & Rob The Art Museum April 2019

On 4/20 we volunteered with another charity group to give back to the homeless community of Denver. We gave out socks, lunches, and our team also brought period packs.

Donations for The Gathering Place March 2019

For women’s month, we started and completed our first project of giving back to the community by helping women in need. We were able to connect with The Gathering Place Denver, an organization dedicated to helping women, families, and transgenders that are experiencing poverty and they told us their largest need was women’s underwear. We began a donation drive to gather women’s underwear through our online community and together we were able to collect near 200 women’s underwear to donate to The Gathering Place. We delivered our contributions on March 29, 2019.