Heather Hunter, Social Awareness Advocate

Heather is our social campaigner, who brings awareness to our petition, leads donation drives, and discovers organizations for us to support. Outside of volunteering, she is a cannabis educator and promoter throughout the Denver metro area.

Dr. Esha Singh, ND on Menstrual Health

“As a physician, my mission is simple. To facilitate healing for my patients so they can move freely without pain. Before taking the first step towards your health and fitness goals, take a moment to think about your ‘why’. When things become challenging and you find yourself facing plateaus, your ‘why’ will keep you going. Focus on your ‘why’ and leave the ‘how’ to me.” Dr. Esha Singh, ND

Jamie Frausto, Creator of TMP.

“Menstruation is women’s health, it’s women’s rights, and it’s biological to our bodies. We shouldn’t have to pay extra to care for our periods. My goal is to create a safe place for women to locate resources to better their menstrual experience and to build a platform where women help one another. I’m passionate about women’s rights, women’s health, and finding solutions to end poverty, including period poverty.”