In a blow to civil rights, the people of Denver overwhelmingly (81.22%) voted against initiative 300, a measure that would have protected the basic human rights of all of the citizens of Denver county by preventing law enforcement from prosecuting homeless people for sleeping or camping in a non obstructive, legal way on city owned land. The bill wouldn’t have allowed people to stay on private property but it would have protected good samaritans who hand out food to the homeless from prosecution from law enforcement. This is proof that money drives politics, almost $3m was raised by opponents of the initiative where as closer to $100k by those who were for it. A misinformation campaign won on this vote. The citizens of Denver should feel ashamed of themselves.

On a good note, Denver voted yes on Ordinance 301, a measure that officially decriminalizes psychedelic mushrooms and their active ingredient psilocybin. This means that use and possession of magic mushrooms by adults 21 years old or older is now the lowest priority to law enforcement. This is a small win but it still marks progress in the effort to end the failed war on drugs. Less lives ruined and less money wasted prosecuting non violent offenders. That is something Denver can feel proud of.

Guest Writer: Dan from Boulder, Colorado.